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Mint Museum of Toys


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  • 8Karen24-12-2009

    Good but lack information

    A modern looking building among shop houses. It will be easily missed if you do not look closely enough. It looks like a restaurant at the entrance! There is a rooftop wine bar and a basement restaurant (said to be the only basement area along the street). Four levels of exhibits with a different theme on each level, there're even toys at the staircases. Displayed a lot of old vintage toys. We saw popeye, tin tin, a blonde snow white, teddy bears, robots, toy cars, wind-up toys, ultraman and lots more. Not forgetting to mention the life-size Darth Maul on level 5 (it looks really scary). Many of the toys do not come with explanation so we could only look at it but not know any facts about it. Adults like me would definitely like it more than the kids as I've played it before. Not a bad place to visit if you ever drop by Singapore some day.


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