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Lodge Londo Lodge

Lodge Londo Lodge

Lodge Londo Lodge
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Je helpt duizenden bezoekers op Zoover een keuze te maken voor hun volgende vakantie. Elke ervaring op Zoover is nuttig en het kost je ongeveer 10 minuten.


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Lovely place, cannot trust quoted rates

Moz traveler, 31-3-2010

        "In Aug 2009, 4 friends and I spent 4 days/3 nts at Londo Lodge. We

        had a very nice time (the staff are excellent) and upon checking out

        we were presented with invoices that accurately reflected the $USD

        rate that was quoted to us by the owner when we made the reservation

        -- all appeared to be in order. However, when we got home our credit

        card statements indicated we'd been charged $1000 more than the $USD

        amount on the invoice. I raised the issue with the owner, and 7

        months, many emails and phone calls later, nothing has been resolved.

        The owner has been largely unresponsive. He says that the $1000

        difference was because we used credit cards, rather than paying

        cash/wire transfer. Even if this was an adequate explanation (it's not),

        we were never told that using a credit card would result in additional

        fees, let alone $1000!

        At best this is unprofessional and bad business, at worst it's stealing."

        Overweeg je om een verblijf te boeken in Lodge Londo Lodge in Pemba, maar ben je benieuwd hoe het er van binnen uitziet, wat je er kunt doen en wat andere vakantiegangers ervan vonden, dan zit je hier goed. Onder de diverse tabbladen op deze pagina vind je een grote hoeveelheid informatie over Lodge Londo Lodge zoals informatie over de voorzieningen, de ligging, en natuurlijk hoe de andere bezoekers de accommodatie hebben gewaardeerd.

        Lodge Londo Lodge scoort een 0 uit 10 op basis van 1 reviews.

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