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Hotel Porta Faenza


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    • Airconditioning
    • Restaurant
    • Huisdieren toegestaan
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    1 Reviews over Porta Faenza

    • 8Amanda25-06-2009

      Hotel Porta Faenza

      This was a very nice hotel in a very convenient location at a very good price (at least throught skoosh). Our room was BIG but dark. The room itself had some really nice amenities (for example, the light in the bathroom wouldn't get bright when you flicked the switch, but would when you were in there for a couple minutes - which is nice on the eyes in the middle of the night). The concierge was very helpful, the breakfast bar was good (although have them make you a cappuccino, the coffee was not up to snuff). Free internet in the lobby, inexpensive minibar. All in all, a lovely stay.

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    Building information

    • Totaal aantal kamers75


    • AirconditioningBeschikbaar
    • LiftenBeschikbaar (1)
    • CafeBeschikbaar (1)
    • RestaurantsBeschikbaar (1)
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    • WasseretteBeschikbaar
    • HuisdierenBeschikbaar

    Room facilities

    • MinibarBeschikbaar
    • KluisBeschikbaar
    • TVBeschikbaar


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