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Hotel Canova


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    8 Reviews over Canova

    • 6Stephen25-06-2009

      Hotel Canova

      The hotel was in a good position for the train station which was a prioity for us, and otherwise the Canova was acceptable. We asked to change rooms and found the second room in better condition than the first.I may consider staying here again but would certainly check out other hotels first.

    • 8Kimberly25-06-2009

      Canova is a good value

      Some reviews cited the hotels dated decor, that was certainly the case. But who cares? I don't choose hotels for the ambiance, I choose them based on price and location. The location was great, there is a subway station right in front of the hotel. There was also airconditioning and english tv channels, things that I consider a luxury in a lot of european hotels. The breakfast was fine. The staff was nice. They advertised wifi but you actually have to pay for internet access, it wasn't ridiculously expensive. A review I read on another cite mentioned how hard the pillows were, and that was true, it was the hardest pillow I have ever slept on in my life, but I didn't request a replacement or anything so it must have been tolerable. Bottom line for the money, all things considered, I would definitely stay here again and recommend it.

    • 4tracy 25-06-2009

      not a great experience

      staff was friendly ,we checked in after a long train ride and wanted to nap. they put us in a room next to where they were remodeling using alot of hammers and it sounded like they were installing tile. we paid alot to stay here and didn't get much rest. breakfast was sufficient. don't do your laundry here. we had traveled italy for a week and had turned laundry in to have done they charged $91.00. other hotels charged $30 for the same laundry. BEWARE OF THE LAUNDRY SERVICE.i was really shocked to get that bill there was a laundry mat a couple of blocks away I could have done it myself for alot less.the walls here are paper thin.we could hear everyone coming in and out. we tried to contact the hotel by email but there is no email for questions just booking.

    • 4Benjamin25-06-2009

      underwhelming (just like Milan in general)

      breakfast was fine, the service was adequate. The room was okay but the bed was uncomfortable and the sheets scratchy. For the money, not a horrible deal.

    • 6Mathew25-06-2009

      reminisce of the 70's

      This hotel leaves you feeling very cold and spooked. The floors are all tile and the bedding and furniture are from the 70's. At night the hotel feels very spooky cause of very bad lighting. However unlike other hotels in Milan the staff is very very nice, which is uncommon.

    • 8Christopher25-06-2009

      Canova, Milan

      Located down one of the streets opposite the Central Train Station, it is ideal for weary travellers who want to settle in straight away. The hotel itself is clean, with friendly staff, and has the things you would expect of a three star hotel. In the area surrounding the hotel are several bars and restaurants, the very nice ones are a little tucked away, you'll just have to ask the staff for directions! The walk to the Duomo area takes around 25 mins, though you can get there by subway or tram in a fraction of the time. For those who like football, the San Siro is just a handful of stops and two subway trains away.

    • 6Aled25-06-2009

      Hotel Canova is ideally situated near the main rai

      I would recommend the hotel to others. It was clean, comfortable and for me ideally located. As prices go in Milan it was good value for the money

    • 6Morley25-06-2009

      Ideally located Hotel Canova

      Would stay there again. The hotel is clean and comfortable, is very close to the railway station so is easy to get to. Good value for money

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