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Hotel Mari

ItaliëLazio (Latium)Rome

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3OnvoldoendeScore uit 1 review


3OnvoldoendeScore uit 1 review
  • 3Waardering
  • 5Ligging
  • 1Service
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  • Airconditioning
  • Restaurant
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1 Reviews over Mari

  • 3Ruben Driessen04-08-2010

    Never again! Worst stay in 50 hostels

    A weekend away in Rome, sounds nice doesn't it, well at least thats what I thought when I booked 4 nights at the Hotel Mari, how wrong I was! On arrival no one greeted us! We were left to find a hotel reception in a buliding with god knows how many staircases! With no lifts, we had to carry a suitcase up four floors when we eventually found the hotel reception, we were greeted by a rude smoking italian man who didn't speak a word of english! We were given a key to our room and were sent on our way. On the way up the next three floors, we walked past building blocks, cement bags and sand. I was praying they weren't doing works on our floor. Got to our floor and it looked like a bomb had hit it! There were wires hanging out of the wall, holes through walls, it was just awful! I thought to myself why was I not informed of this, I was so angry. Like clock work the next two mornings we were woken up at 7am by loud banging, people talking outside our room, drilling, mobile phones going off

    • 5Ligging
    • 1Service
    • 1Eten
    • 1Kamers

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  • AirconditioningBeschikbaar
  • RestaurantsBeschikbaar (1)
  • WasseretteBeschikbaar

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  • MinibarBeschikbaar
  • KluisBeschikbaar
  • TVBeschikbaar


  • Adresgegevens
    Via Palestro 55, 185
  • WebsiteHotel Mari
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