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Hotel Eurogarden

ItaliëEmilia RomagnaBologna

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0Niet beschikbaarScore uit reviews

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    • Airconditioning
    • Restaurant
    • Huisdieren toegestaan
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    1 Reviews over Eurogarden

    • 8a25-06-2009

      Very nice hotel but not in Bologna

      We needed a hotel quickly and didn't have a lot of time to do research. The first problem appeared when we could not find the hotel in our map or navigation system. The hotel is actually located in a small town just outside Bologna on a tiny street that is not listed on any map. We drove up and down for 45-60 minutes and called them twice until we finally figured out where they were. The hotel itself was very nice and clean. They have a free parking lot which is rare and the room was very nice. Good price for a nice place. It was just a little too far outside of town but we had a car so not a big deal.

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    • AirconditioningBeschikbaar
    • LiftenBeschikbaar (1)
    • CafeBeschikbaar (1)
    • RestaurantsBeschikbaar (1)
    • InternetBeschikbaar
    • Room serviceBeschikbaar
    • WasseretteBeschikbaar
    • HuisdierenBeschikbaar

    Room facilities

    • MinibarBeschikbaar
    • KluisBeschikbaar
    • TVBeschikbaar


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