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3.4OnvoldoendeScore uit 5 reviews


3.4OnvoldoendeScore uit 5 reviews
  • 3.4Waardering
  • 8Ligging
  • 3.8Service
  • 4.8Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 3.2Kamers
  • 1Hygiëne

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5 Reviews over Aronis

  • 1Gorijan24-06-2018


    I'll never visit this hotel again if we can call it a hotel! The rooms are small and cheap! The rooms are also dirty.The curtains and the beds are full of stains and chewing gums!The smell is awful!If you have allergies please don't book this "Hotel"...Everything is soo old and crappy!Even the reception doesn't work ever (only if a bus is coming) The only good thing is the location but you can book cheaper and better apartments around!Please don't go here if you don't want to ruin your vacation!

    • 10Ligging
    • 1Service
    • 4Prijs/kwaliteit
    • 1Kamers
    • 1Hygiëne
  • 6yarik shasik01-09-2012

    great vacations

    we stayed in aronis for 7 days without spending a fortune.rooms where clean and our had a great view to the sea.food was tasty enough.the only negative was the noise by some people next to us the firsy two days.

    • 7Ligging
    • 6Service
    • 8Prijs/kwaliteit
    • 6Kamers
  • 2aber09-08-2011


    I would have leave it after the 1st night,but I have already payed the whole sum to the Agency "Savana" from Skopje,Macedonia.Dirty,no towel,soup,glass in the room.No one cleans it,you have to do it by yourself.Breakfast,lunch,dinner-every day the same.No tea,no cheese for breakfast.Lunch and dinner-EVERY lunch and dinner patatoes(always french fry) and the same salad,NEVER any fruit.And,breakfast at 8.45,dinner 6.45 p.m.If you're late-you'll get no food.HOT WATER-You have to remind them every day.Their answers:1)We've forgotten to put it on;2)We called the man to repair it and finally 3)You're going to the beach now, you don't need hot water???!!!So,once again - NEVER AGAIN!

    • 8Ligging
    • 3Service
    • 2Prijs/kwaliteit
    • 3Kamers
  • 5Mariusz07-06-2011


    Jest to hotelik klasy turystycznej, w miarę czyste pokoje z klimatyzacją i tv. Jedzenie dość dobre. Blisko (ok 100m) przepięknej piaszczystej i bardzo szerokiej plaży. Hotel położony na obrzeżu , przez co niższe ceny niż w centrum do którego jest 10 min spacerkiem.

    • 8Ligging
    • 5Service
    • 8Prijs/kwaliteit
    • 3Kamers
  • 3Pola01-09-2010

    ... a good place to avoid....

    The first impression is nice from the outside,the collective rooms are a nice and aparently clean.In the kitchen when therere no guests,the owners kept their two dogs locked inside.The breakfast was the same every day.For the dinner they served salad mixed with musty and fresh tomatos left from lunch.The tables were covered with oilcloth table-cloth which they supose to change,but they with a brush or soak.Its unpleasant to eat with your hands shorn on naylon.You have to come to have a meal at the precise time.A breakfast at 8 and the dinner at 7 and you must finish it in 30 minutes..ridiculous.The rooms are too small with spiderwebs.On the third floor can not take a shower from7-8PM-not enough preasure.Our air condition broked in friday noon,the owners promised that will bring the craftsman during the day.After we went from beach it wasnt repaired.The owner explained that craftsmans in Greece dont work on saturdays and sundays in August(nonsence)-they didn`t want to pay a service.

    • 7Ligging
    • 4Service
    • 2Prijs/kwaliteit
    • 3Kamers

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