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Kazbegi Paragliding


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  • 1Stephanie17-09-2017

    Terrible organisation - total scam

    These people are highly unprofessional. We booked two tandem flights with them. One of us had a flight on the agreed time: we booked flights that would last between 20-30 minutes but it lasted less than 15 minutes (which would be the cheap option). There was almost no instruction and no small talk, it was not fun. The second flight was moved to the next day because of lack of wind at the end of the day. When we returned the next day there were 3 customers and only one pilot. They told us to wait for 2 hours in the construction site that they call their office (they rent a room as an office in a hotel under construction). Because of our bad experience the day before we decided to cancel the flight. That made them furious to the point that we just had to walk away and drive off, with them screaming after us. Total nightmare and waste of money. This should have been an amazing experience and they are not in for that at all, just trying to make as much money with as little effort as possible.


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