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appartementen in Kaliningrad

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Reviews over Kaliningrad

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  • 7Peter Madsen06-01-2012

    Beach and culture in Russia.

    Kaliningrad is placed conveniently when one comes from western Europe. It is near but in atmosphere it is very different and interesting due to the Russians. Still it requires an open mind. Learn a few Russian words and you are welcome most places but avoid dark places at night - as everywhre in the world. It is possible to by by with English or German. The museums and churches are interesting but the best is the beaches especially Kurskaja Kosa with a National park near Zelenogradsk. It is a must if one likes nature. It is easy and cheap to go by bus from the bus terminal (voksal) to Zelenogradsk where there is a helpful touristservice. Find the adress on the internet.

    • 3Uitgaanslevenn
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    Alleen gereisd in januari 2011

  • 3Lukasz26-03-2011


    Może i w obwodzie jest co obejrzeć ale nie radze jechać tam samochodem na własną rękę. Z wjechaniem do Rosji jako tako nie ma problemu. Problemy zaczynają kiedy chce się wrócić do Polski. Wielogodzinne kolejki, skorumpowani celnicy i całkowity brak jakiejkolwiek infrastruktury przy przejściu granicznym. Okolice przejścia wyglądały jak toaleta. Byłem tam w 2001 roku ale z tego co wiem nic się tam nie zmieniło, a pewnie doszły problemy z wizami. Jeśli ktoś chce odwiedzić obwód kaliningradzki to tylko samolotem lub droga morską.

    • 4Omgeving

    Gereisd met vrienden in augustus 2001

  • 2Richard13-06-2010

    Not a recommended vacation spot

    There is precious little for the individual tourist to do and see in and around Kaliningrad. What few museums there are (amber, sea life) are in a run-down state; most churches are usually closed or dilapidated, and the overall impression of the town is one of concrete and grayness. Hardly any tourist facitities. Most of Kaliningrad was destroyed in WWII and was rebuilt in best Soviet style. Those pondering to travel there because they are looking for a vestige of its former splendor need not bother. There is significant crime against foreigners, and people come across as staggeringly rude. Some nice beaches far out of town, mostly only reachable by rental car. The main beach at Svetlogorsk is nothing to write home about, so don’t bother.

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    Zakelijk gereisd in augustus 2009

  • 7shekhar deshpande18-11-2009

    A cool place.. good change!

    Neither a full fledged bursting-at-it-seams Metro..... nor a laid back city... Kaliningrad is something in between that u will appreciate if u are fed up of theextremes. Its a nice and beautiful city.. as beautiful as a modern Russian city can be, that is! it has 2 beaches..and "Svetlogorsk" can be rated with the best... The people come about as unfriendly.. but that's more of a "no-nonsense" air that Russians normally have.. they are warm and friendly from within and can be extremely helpfu if you do not embarass them by making it obvious that they do not follow any other language than Russian.. A good opportunity for anyone to visit Russia and feel the Russian wa of life ... so centrally and convenientl located with respect to Europe.

    • 8Uitgaanslevenn
    • 6Cultuur
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    oktober 2008