Upgrade your accommodation

More exposure and receive bookings directly from Zoover visitors!

Your accommodation is listed on the largest holiday platform in the Netherlands. Zoover helps millions of holidaymakers every day to find their perfect holiday. A standard listing on Zoover is free. To receive more visitors and bookings, we offer an additional promotional package.

Zoover Promotion

As an addition to the standard listing, with a basic promotional package, you can ensure that customers can contact you directly and/or take a look at your website. The contact details will be prominently displayed at the top of the page. As part of this package, you can also list your Facebook and Instagram channels on Zoover. This way, you can inspire potential customers with fun promotions, offers, or other content. Also, you can receive direct bookings from Zoover, with your Direct booking button.

  • Top positioned: Website link
  • Top positioned: E-mail address & phone number
  • Top positioned: Social links
  • Direct booking button
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€24,90 per month (billed annually at €299)