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/Manage your accommodation

Manage your accommodation

Use the Zoover Portal to manage your accommodation(s) on Zoover.

  • List your facilities

Indicate which facilities are available at your accommodation.

  • View and respond to your reviews

View the reviews you have received on Zoover and respond to them. If you receive a review that does not meet our guidelines, report it via the Portal and we will handle it.

  • Add new photos

Choose which photos you want to use as the main and top photos on your page. Change the order of the entire photo gallery and add new photos.

Manage your accommodation

Every year, Zoover Awards are presented. The best-rated accommodations on Zoover receive an award. You can display this certificate in your accommodation, and you will also be listed as a Zoover Award winner on our website for the entire year.

  • Track your progress

View your current average score and the number of reviews you have collected this year. Check if you have received enough reviews to win a Zoover Award.

  • Zoover Awards overview

View your performance from previous years and download your earned Zoover Awards.