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Hotel The Grove Isle (Spa) ****

Hotel The Grove Isle (Spa)
The Grove Isle (Spa)


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8 reviews over Hotel The Grove Isle (Spa)

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Steven, 25-6-2009
        For a four star hotel there was no concierge service. Upon arrival at 8pm I was greated by the hotel restaurant staff which was a bit odd given I was checking into the hotel - it took them5 minutes to find someone who could check me in. The hotel clearly takes a backseat to it's restaurant Balleen, which by the way, is sensational. The hotel is just ok for someone who wants to relax and not have any shops or restaurants (other than Ballen) nearby them, but having been to Miami previously for weekend visits on too many occassions to count, there are far better options to stay at in Coconut Grove itself (the Mayfair is better value for money) or on South Beach. The restaurant Balleen is definitely worth the vist though for a romantic dinner for two.
        Gereisd anders in september 2007

        Karina, 25-6-2009
              I definitely recommend the Grove Isle. My husband and I got married there in September 2006 and our wedding was truly beautiful and romantic. We had a small ceremony and the Grove was the perfect setting. The hotel is located on a private island off Coconut Grove and is very exclusive. It's the perfect hideaway, quiet and peaceful. All rooms have a bay view and balconies. As you would expect, this comes at a high price, the average price is $300 USD per night (which is more than the Ritz-Carlton). Thanks to skoosh.com we got a great deal. Thanks skoosh!
              Gereisd anders in september 2007

              colin, 25-6-2009

                    Good value for money. Excellent service, except for the restaurant, which i suspect was unusual for the establishment.

                    Expectations were surpased as far as everything except for location - the hotel is far from the design districtu, south beach, and little havana.

                    Gereisd anders in augustus 2007


                    Deanna, 25-6-2009

                          The hotel was beautiful and I found the staff to be very welcoming, nice and accomodating. I spent a lot of time finding out about restaurants and attractions in Miami. The hotel is on a private island, but besides the hotel and spa, there are several high rise appartment buildings, which made it feel more urbane than I had expected. And while the room was generally very nice, the ceiling was not fully painted. Kinda "nit-picky" I know, but one wondered why in such a nice place they would skimp on the paint. All this said, the grounds are lush, and everyroom is right on the water.

                          Generally a very nice place to stay.

                          Gereisd anders in augustus 2007

                          Claudia, 25-6-2009
                                It's a great hotel. The restaurant tends to be pricy but the ambiance makes up for it. I would recomend this hotel to people looking for a rest in Miami away from the tourist path.
                                Gereisd anders in juli 2007

                                Martin, 25-6-2009

                                      The Grove Isle was good value for money, service was good, reception very helpful. Our room was large and overlooking the city and water.

                                      The reason we chose the location was that we had previously visited the nearby Coconut Grove area and were impressed. However this time round Cocowalk and surrounging shops seemed a little depressing. A lot of the nicer stores had closed down, apparently relocating to malls.

                                      Having said that, it's still close enough to downtown but if you want the excitement and nightlife then I would recommend one of the hotels in South Beach.

                                      Gereisd anders in oktober 2007


                                      Leticia, 25-6-2009
                                            I would recommend it. The room was very romantic. I had a first level room with a private terrace overlooking the water. Nice turn down service. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Only complaint, I prepaid for my room then found out when I checked out there was an extra $25+ daily charge for "resort" use that I was not expecting.
                                            Gereisd anders in juli 2007

                                            Michael, 25-6-2009
                                                  The service was excellent, and the room was beautiful. I was somewhat disappointed with the location. It did not have the secluded, intimate feel that I had expected based upon their marketing information.
                                                  Gereisd anders in november 2007

                                                  Overweeg je om een verblijf te boeken in Hotel The Grove Isle (Spa) in Coconut Grove, maar ben je benieuwd hoe het er van binnen uitziet, wat je er kunt doen en wat andere vakantiegangers ervan vonden, dan zit je hier goed. Onder de diverse tabbladen op deze pagina vind je een grote hoeveelheid informatie over Hotel The Grove Isle (Spa) zoals informatie over de voorzieningen, de ligging, en natuurlijk hoe de andere bezoekers de accommodatie hebben gewaardeerd.

                                                  Hotel The Grove Isle (Spa) scoort een 7.75 uit 10 op basis van 8 reviews.

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