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Wendy, 25-6-2009
        It was so cold! Heater did not work even though the front desk insisted it did. Carpet, bed covers were extremley run down. I had to crawl under the bed to plug in all the lights and TV. It was hard because I didn't fit and the beds do not move. The staff was nice so that was good. I knew there was only valet parking, but I didn't know it was going to be $28 a day!! I ended up leaving a day early and going somewhere else. It was just too cold for me and their wafer thin "blankets" just weren't cutting it. I would rather stay in a Hostel with backpakers.
        Gereisd anders in januari 2008

        Abigail, 25-6-2009

              I've noticed that reviews before 2007 for the Abigail Hotel were very bad. The reviews in 2007, however, were quite good. And I have to agree. This can only suggest, to me at least, that they've made an active effort to improve the cleanliness of their rooms this year. Upon my arrival, the staff was very knowledgeable and polite, and the hotel lobby, halls and my room were all very clean.

              Fresh towels are provided daily and the room is cleaned. The hotel staff will be more than happy to book any tours or transportation needs if you request it.

              The hotel is also very conveniently situated—it's just a few minutes walk from downtown and the BART station and various MUNI lines are close by.

              A cautionary note: The hotel is situated in the Civic Center, close to the Tenderloin, so the neighborhood is not ideal if you're looking for a romantic getaway. You'll find homeless people along the sidewalks, but the neighborhood itself I would say is still fairly safe. If you're a young traveler I think the hotel is a good choice and it'll save you a fair amount of money, but if you're picky about where you stay and don't mind spending the extra cash, San Francisco is filled with other hotel options as well.

              Gereisd anders in december 2007

              Abigail ok but rundown

              christopher, 25-6-2009
                    The hotel is on the edge of the tenderloin, but just off Market and near Bart. Room was a little seedy Curtains and furniture were worn looking, and bathroom shower had some mold on the tiles. Other rooms may be better. I would not stay again without knowing that the rooms were updated
                    Gereisd anders in maart 2008


                    hotel abigail

                    Ryan, 25-6-2009
                          Not terrible- you get what you pay for. This was by far the cheapest place to stay (a great fare thru skoosh), a surprising price considering it was still downtown san francisco. Fresh sheets, a minimal breakfast; the rest is like a lesser european hostel. Walking around that area at night seems a little iffy at times. The parking is impossible (as it is the rest of city)- the valet service took at least 45 minutes to get ahold of our car each time. Again- price was my priority in a city you can easily spend hundreds a night, and I wasn't too suprised by the place.
                          Gereisd anders in maart 2008

                          Ariel, 25-6-2009
                                Appears to have been a regal (if smallish, 6 floors) hotel when originally built in 1920's. Alas, nearly a century has taken its toll. It is somewhat dilapidated; the stairs are musical instruments, the elevator is unionized and holding out for a higher electricity bill, and the lack of furbish bestows a cheap horror flick quality. Some character and charm it has, sans superficial gloss and a reliable elevator.
                                Gereisd anders in januari 2008

                                Nice hotel for the price

                                Naoya , 25-6-2009

                                      This hotel is very unique in a way. Elevator is quite interesting. Furnitures were worn down but it gives them the character. The location was good. 2 blocks from subway station and across from an art museum. There are coffee shops and restaurants nearby.

                                      The noise outside in the evening could be an issue as I could hear the siren so often. Other issue may be the homeless people outside of the hotel, but I have seen police men walking around all the time, so safety should not be an issue.

                                      Overall, it was a pleasant stay.

                                      Gereisd anders in oktober 2008


                                      renee, 25-6-2009
                                            we had a great experience at this hotel its got a lot of history is very unique and is literally one street away from everything in the civic center area of SF. . If you care at all about trying to find something different than a cookie cutter chain hotel this is definitely the place! The only problem that we had is that the elevator didnt always work but we could all use a little more exercise anyway. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond anyway they could. We will be staying here again on our next trip to the city without a doubt.
                                            Gereisd anders in januari 2008

                                            Sergey, 25-6-2009

                                                  I would recommend this hotel for others. The property itself is pretty good, but location is not really good. Though it's just across the city hall, the area is full of bums..

                                                  I should admit that the value I got for this money was excellent! Rooms are clean, bed is soft and personell is polite

                                                  Gereisd anders in januari 2008

                                                  good price for quality

                                                  Wijnand, 25-6-2009

                                                        neighbourhood looks unsafe (many homelesspeople and dirty); breakfast was sober and wasn't refilled so no coffee and jus for latecomers;

                                                        clean room and good price for SF;

                                                        free internet!

                                                        Gereisd anders in mei 2008

                                                        We hate that wrack

                                                        Alice, 25-6-2009

                                                              Do not take this hotel!

                                                              The location is really bad.There are so many homeless people around it.

                                                              In the room: Very dirty all over. Our door looked like someone already broke in.There was a dirty sock under our bed,and bed was also grouse from somebody else, really grouse. My tongue got a disease because of the blanket! Somebody had vomited no the stairs and nobody cleaned it for the whole 2 weeks! No way to let fresh air into the room. No air condition. We always cold, so I and my friends we all got a cold. Walls are all broken. No charge in the room. No wireless. Elevator also unsafe. If there is a fire, u cant get out of it. The simplest breakfast u can imagine-Only toast. Not even peanut butter or cereals.No parking places.

                                                              It's not worth for even $20 per night!

                                                              Gereisd anders in januari 2009

                                                              Overweeg je om een verblijf te boeken in Hotel Abigail in San Francisco, maar ben je benieuwd hoe het er van binnen uitziet, wat je er kunt doen en wat andere vakantiegangers ervan vonden, dan zit je hier goed. Onder de diverse tabbladen op deze pagina vind je een grote hoeveelheid informatie over Hotel Abigail zoals informatie over de voorzieningen, de ligging, en natuurlijk hoe de andere bezoekers de accommodatie hebben gewaardeerd.

                                                              Hotel Abigail scoort een 5.25 uit 10 op basis van 16 reviews.

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