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Pension Kleines Nest

Pension Kleines Nest
Kleines Nest


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Kleines Nest is a dishonest business

Colin, 2-1-2010

        To all travellers who may stray into Kleines Nest B+B, please heed our experience.

        They needed to refund N$1200 on my credit card for two nights. They said this was not a problem and they would do it when I returned to the UK. When I returned they said they didn't have my CC details any more so I sent them. Still nothing. They then said they didn't know how so I gave them my bank details to make a normal transfer. Still nothing. Now, a month and a half later they won't respond to my emails or pick up my calls (which are only adding to the cost) so I have to go through the time consuming business of filling out "credit card fraud" forms for my bank.

        I spoke to a Melani there and she is either a crook or grossly incompetent. Either way, Kleines Nest has created a lot of needless hassle for me and given a sour after taste to the whole Namibia experience.

        You have been warned.

        Gereisd met partner in januari 2010

        Overweeg je om een verblijf te boeken in Pension Kleines Nest in Walvis Bay, maar ben je benieuwd hoe het er van binnen uitziet, wat je er kunt doen en wat andere vakantiegangers ervan vonden, dan zit je hier goed. Onder de diverse tabbladen op deze pagina vind je een grote hoeveelheid informatie over Pension Kleines Nest zoals informatie over de voorzieningen, de ligging, en natuurlijk hoe de andere bezoekers de accommodatie hebben gewaardeerd.

        Pension Kleines Nest scoort een 1 uit 10 op basis van 1 reviews.

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