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Vakantiepark Harts Holiday Park

Vakantiepark Harts Holiday Park
Harts Holiday Park


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Old and Dirty Caravans

Jim Wilding, 6-8-2017
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If you value your life and that of your children's then before taking up occupancy of your holiday unit ask to see the gas and electric certificates as they were not in the unit we stayed as they should be by law. Then if you are satisfied check the fire extinguisher in the unit ours was completely useless and in the red, I was told by management that "we make checks on every change over in the unit to ensure the unit is safe" A fire extinguisher does not drop to red in a couple of days it takes a very long time to become completely useless, so that would suggest that the checks are not done on every changeover as the management state.

Make sure you have the means to photograph everything you may need to rely upon in any issues you may have.

Check that there are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide in the unit. There was not any in our unit, again that would suggest that the checks are not done on every changeover. Management state that the alarms were lying down on a shelf and have since been refitted. As we check everywhere more than once to see if we have left anything behind, there were no alarms on any shelf or indeed anywhere in that unit.

Then check the appliance's are working, our microwave was smoking and sparking and it was reported to reception and it was replaced with another one that did the same and that one was also reported to reception but they did not change that one then the management make accusations on a public domain that we accused them of putting the same one back and that we did not report the second one. Make sure reception record your report or they will say that you never reported it and then accuse you of complaining rather than making a report about a dangerous appliance.

Then you need to check the cleanliness of the unit, we didn't on arrival as we had travelled 300 miles and wanted to settle in and start enjoying our break. When we had settled in we noticed how dirty the unit was but the reception was closed by this time. We had to clean all the pots pans and cutlery before we could use them. There was pet hairs everywhere, on the bedding, on the seating, on the shelves (but there wasn't any alarms) in the drawers, in the gas fire, the whole unit was disgusting. The fridge freezer had not been defrosted or cleaned. We went off early the following morning before reception opened and arrived back later when it was closed so never got the opportunity to report the state of the caravan. The outside of the caravan was covered in green mould on three sides and there was in excess of 200 cigarette ends by the steps and the unit stunk of smoke. We did report the microwaves but it wasn't worth mentioning the filthy state of the unit on the third day due to the lack of response regarding the dangerous microwave. We didn't stay to the end of our holiday. So make sure you check out everything before you accept the unit, otherwise you will be accused of lying, even when you have the photographs to prove it.

Ask for an inventory list and check it, we didn't have one, there was no frying pan, no toilet brush, no washing up bowl, no smoke alarm, no carbon monoxide alarm, there was probably more missing items but we didn't have a list to check and you only notice the items are missing when you come to use them.

Do not be conned into booking a holiday for next year at the same price you paid for this holiday (the leaflet you get in your welcome pack) it refers to the terms and conditions and to ask at reception, when you ask reception they refer you to the leaflet and the leaflet refers you to reception and so on and so on. As a result of this back and forth I never did find out what the terms and conditions were, yet the management stated on another matter they were not prepared to go back and forth!!

Gereisd met jonge kinderen in juli 2017

Overweeg je om een verblijf te boeken in Vakantiepark Harts Holiday Park in Leysdown-on-Sea, maar ben je benieuwd hoe het er van binnen uitziet, wat je er kunt doen en wat andere vakantiegangers ervan vonden, dan zit je hier goed. Onder de diverse tabbladen op deze pagina vind je een grote hoeveelheid informatie over Vakantiepark Harts Holiday Park zoals informatie over de voorzieningen, de ligging, en natuurlijk hoe de andere bezoekers de accommodatie hebben gewaardeerd.

Vakantiepark Harts Holiday Park scoort een 1 uit 10 op basis van 1 reviews.

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