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Hotel Pauls Motor Inn *

Hotel Pauls Motor Inn
Pauls Motor Inn


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5 reviews over Hotel Pauls Motor Inn

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Paul's exceeded expectations

John, 25-6-2009

        I'd recommend Paul's. The location was convenient, parking was easy, the front desk was very helpful, the room was comfortable and clean and the beds were good. The attached restaurant produced a good breakfast.

        One thing that leapt out at us was the funky decor. We stayed in the courtyard section, which was all wood-panelled with a courtyard open to the sky and lots of plants - a far cry from the typical sterile environments we see in our travels.

        I cannot say anything about pools and the like because we never look for that. We typically arrive late, sleep as best we can, and blow out early in the morning. We seldom pay more than $90 US for a room. We paid our customary fare for the room at Paul's, and we got far more than we were expecting. Highly recommended.

        Gereisd anders in augustus 2008

        We enjoyed ourselves!

        Emily, 25-6-2009
              We were very pleased with our stay. The room had a faint smoky odor, and that is my only complaint. Otherwise, the staff members were extraordinarily helpful and the room was very clean. The hotel was a reasonable walking distance from all of the Victoria sights we wanted to visit. Thanks for a great visit!
              Gereisd anders in oktober 2008

              Great Place

              Marilyn , 25-6-2009

                    This is the secone time I've stayed at Paul's Motel. It is clean , comfortable, and everyone is friendly.

                    Gereisd anders in juli 2008

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                    cheryl, 25-6-2009

                          Taxi drivers know about Paul's and they would tell you if it was bad, but it's not bad at all. We liked the 2 beds in our room and the long bench for all our "stuff." You can actually get fresh air by opening a window, which isn't possible in a lot of hotels today. Good restaurant food and convenient as well.

                          We thought it was a very good value, no complaints.

                          Gereisd anders in september 2007

                          MASSIMILIANO, 25-6-2009
                                Buona la posizione, camere ampie un pò datate, ma auguratevi di non capitare in una camera fumatori: sarebbe come dormire in una ciminiera...
                                Gereisd anders in juli 2007

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                                Overweeg je om een verblijf te boeken in Hotel Pauls Motor Inn in Victoria, maar ben je benieuwd hoe het er van binnen uitziet, wat je er kunt doen en wat andere vakantiegangers ervan vonden, dan zit je hier goed. Onder de diverse tabbladen op deze pagina vind je een grote hoeveelheid informatie over Hotel Pauls Motor Inn zoals informatie over de voorzieningen, de ligging, en natuurlijk hoe de andere bezoekers de accommodatie hebben gewaardeerd.

                                Hotel Pauls Motor Inn scoort een 8 uit 10 op basis van 5 reviews.

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